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We offer context-based, immersive training. Our belief is that technologist need a solid education focused on context (the "why") and learning by doing (the "experiences").

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We work collaboratively with our customers to solve the hardest problems facing high quality software organizations.

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What's in a name?

We were founded to help our customers grow their cloud-native practices. We do this through training and advisory level consulting. Our goal is to help our customers scale cloud-native capabilities, resiliently.

Training serves as the foundation. It provides the common understanding, the common experiences and the common lexicon. But training is just the beginning. Advisory level consulting picks up where training leaves off.

Our many years of experience and deep expertise allow us to collaborate with our customers to solve the hard problems, design the right solutions and address the unique customer challenges. We are there for the quick question and the long term strategic engagements.

Our Difference

Cloud-native is a non-trivial domain to learn. The ecosystem is large and complex. As pioneers in immersive, hands on training we are uniquely positioned to train your teams for effective, resilient scaling of cloud-native capabilities.

Engineers not trainers

We employ engineers, not trainers. Our engineers don't just talk the talk, but we regularly walk the walk. We are experts because we have done it and we share our experience with you.

Context as a foundation

We believe strongly in the importance of personas - understanding our audience and crafting offerings accordingly. Developers are creators and need to make good decisions and reason over domains beyond just the platform. Given this, we can't simply educate on the flags available for `cf push` (as an example), but must provide solid context on what is happening in the platform and what best practices should be considered (think cloud-native and 12 factor). The scope is beyond solely using the functions of Cloud Foundry.

Immersive learning

You should expect an intensive, hands-on training class. You won't find presentations discussing flags in `cf push`, but presentations that provide context on what is happening and why. You won't find exercises where you can cut and paste your way to the answer. Exercises provide the opportunity to experience the platform and directly apply what you have learned. You will find exercises that guide you while training you to use tools like `cf help` and the docs.


Cloud Foundry is the industry standard open source cloud application platform for developing and deploying enterprise cloud applications. We have deep experience in Cloud Foundry for both development and operations.

We helped craft the Cloud Foundry Developer Certification, serving as technical advisors on the project.

Along with Engineer Better in the UK, we authored the Cloud Foundry Developer Training course, bringing our unique approach to the process.

We are proud to be a Silver Member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

We have been working with the Spring for over a decade and are delighted by the current renaissance of the framework. We built and donated the Spring Cloud Cloud Foundry Service Broker. First and foremost, we are Spring developers.

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